Hawaii Disaster SNAP benefits Program Application

Hawaii Disaster SNAP benefits Program Application – The Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS) is running a program to help residents of Hawaii who are seeking for disaster food assistance benefits to meet their food needs. To be eligible for the Hawaii Disaster SNAP benefits Program, individuals must have lived or worked in one of the 48 declared counties.

Furthermore, only qualified and eligible households and individuals in certain affected counties will receive benefits from Hawaii Disaster Food Assistance Program.

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Note that, the program is not done regarding first come, first serve. However, all application will be taken and processed at the appropriate county location. So, individuals and households are at this moment encouraged to pre-register online. This pre-registration is a brief application process that adds your information to the system in advance of your local site visit.

Hawaii Disaster SNAP benefits Program Application

To make your visit to your local Food for Florida site as convenient as possible,

  • Kindly fill out the initial application the day before visiting your local site.
  • Only one applicant is required to visit the site in person as only one EBT card will be issued per eligible household.
  • Don’t forget to go to the local site on the indicated date for your last name.
  • Current food assistance participants should not visit the local Food for Florida site or pre-register again. This is because additional September/October benefits will be added to your EBT card. This is done within five days of your county’s Food for Florida site opening.

How To ACCESS Florida Benefits – www.myflorida.com/accessflorida

Only one EBT card per eligible household will be issued. Furthermore, only the EBT cardholders need to visit the local Food for Hawaii site in person. Any additional individuals attending may lead to longer lines and extended service times.

The Hawaii Disaster, SNAP benefits program, is open across the state. This help to serve eligible residents of Florida who lived or worked in the 48 counties FEMA declared for Individual Assistance following damage from Kilauea volcanic eruption and ongoing Hurricane Lane.

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