Colorado EBT Card Balance – Check Colorado Quest Card Balance‎

They are three easy ways to access your Colorado Quest Card Balance, In today’s article we shall be putting you through with the step on how you can easily Check Colorado EBT Food Stamp Balance‎.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a Food Assistance program in Colorado, formerly known as Food Stamps. SNAP provides food assistance benefits as part of a federal nutrition program to help low-income households purchase food through the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Knowing your current Colorado EBT Food Stamp Balance‎ is always important because it helps you plan out your grocery purchases for the month until when next your state refills your EBT card with your approved benefits.

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Furthermore, you can redeem your Georgia food stamp benefits can at any store that accepts EBT cards throughout the US. Below is the list of foods that cannot be purchased using your Colorado Quest EBT Card.

  • Hot foods
  • Vitamins or Medication
  • Pet food
  • Paper or Cleaning products
  • Alcohol/Tobacco products.

Colorado EBT Card Balance – How To Check Colorado Quest EBT Card Balance

Follow the step guide below to access your Colorado Quest EBT Card Balance:

  • You can access your Colorado Quest EBT Card Balance by looking on your grocery receipt. You will find your current balance at the bottom of your latest transaction receipt. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to know the current balance on your Colorado EBT card.

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  • Another easy way through which one can check his/her Georgia EBT card balance is by calling the Colorado EBT Card Phone Number seen on the back of your card. Before you call the number which is 888-432-4328, ensure you have your card information ready with you, as it will be required in order to check your balance.


Once you visit the website, log in with your user ID and password, then proceed to check your remaining balance on your card and as well as your transaction history.

Provided you follow any of the above options, you will successfully get the balance on your EBT Card. If you have any further question or encounter any difficulty while checking your Colorado Quest card balance, please tell us by using the comments section below.