www.humanservices.hawaii.gov – Apply For BESSD Hawaii Benefits

We are pleased to inform all residents in the state of Hawaii or family with low income or furthermore those affected by Kilauea volcano can apply for BESSD Hawaii Benefits via www.humanservices.hawaii.gov.

The program of BESSD (Benefit, Employment & Support Services) Hawaii, aims at providing families with low income or Vitim’s of Kilauea volcano and ongoing hurricane Lane with food, healthcare, cash or Medicare, as long as they are eligible for the policy.

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The BESSD Hawaii system allows you to connect with their public assistance information 24/7. Also, the BESSD is in collaboration with the Hawaii Department of Human Services.

BESSD Hawaii Benefit Program Requirements

Residents who reside in the state of Hawaii will provide a valid Social Security Number (SSN). However, Personal and household information will also be submitted during the application process.

Furthermore, you will be asked to present valid proof of immigration status which must be provided if you are an immigrant. As soon as you have that information ready, follow the steps below to start your application.

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www.humanservices.hawaii.gov – How To Apply For BESSD Hawaii Benefits

1. To apply for BESSD Hawaii Benefits, visit www.humanservices.hawaii.gov

2. On the homepage, click the “Application For Financial & Food Assistance” button to your eligibility, and also answer some questions.

www.humanservices.hawaii.gov - Apply For BESSD Hawaii Benefits

3. Once you found out that you are eligible to apply for the benefits. Then proceed and click the Apply For Benefits button to submit required corresponding applications for food, cash or medical assistance.

4. Since you are visiting the website for the first time, you will be required to create a new account. After creating your account, then you can log in to complete the step described above.

www.humanservices.hawaii.gov – Apply For BESSD Hawaii Benefits

5. After you have completed and submitted your application online, you will receive a telephone interview to confirm your application.

6. Now, kindly wait for not less than 30 days to get the response.

For further assistance on how to apply BESSD Hawaii Benefits, you can call the following contacts

  • Medical Assistance Information: 211 Emergency: 911
  • Public Housing Application 832-5960
  • Public Assistance Information Line 1-855-643-1643; http://pais.dhs.hawaii.gov

Bear it in mind that the BESSD Hawaii Benefit Program is organized for destitute people with low income and can not afford to feed for at least three times a day or those affected by Kilauea volcano and also Vitim’s of ongoing hurricane Lane.