Alabama EBT Card Balance – Steps To Check Al EBT Card Balance

To check your current Alabama EBT Card Balance, Follow the steps below to Check Al EBT Card Balance. You can view your Alabama EBT Card Balance via the methods listed in this article.

Alabama Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is a system responsible for the electronic distribution of benefits from the following programs: Food Assistance/SNAP, Family Assistance, and Medicaid. Benefits are distributed via an electronic distribution technology that is loaded onto a debit-like card (EBT card) each month. Ebtedge Card Login

Once you are approved for the Alabama Food Assistance program, you will be issued an EBT card. Which is a debit-like card administered to all approved applicants.

Furthermore, EBT cardholders can redeem their benefits at any authorized retailer using their EBT card and 4-digit personal identification number (PIN).

To view your Alabama EBT Card Balance, Here are three options available for checking the balance on your Al EBT Card Balance. Follow the step guide below to get started.

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Methods To Check Alabama EBT Card Balance

Follow the three options below to check the balance on your Alabama EBT Card.

Check Alabama EBT Card Balance Online

  • To check you Alabama EBT Card Balance online, you are required to visit the EBT Connect website. On the homepage, Enter your login details(User ID and Password) to check your current AL EBT balance and view the recent transaction history of your purchases.

Alabama EBT Card Balance - Steps To Check Al EBT Card Balance

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If you don’t have your a user ID and password, You will be required to create a User ID and Password using your EBT Card number before you can access your EBT account information.

Alabama EBT Card Balance by Checking Your Last Transaction Receipt

  • One of the best ways to check Alabama EBT Card Balance is by viewing your last transaction receipt. Your receipt will have the most current available balance on your EBT Card at the bottom. It is always advisable to save all receipts if you wish to have access to your current EBT balance.

Check Al EBT Card Balance By Calling Alabama EBT Customer Service

  • Calling the Alabama EBT Customer Service also grants you access to check the balance on your EBT Card. The Alabama EBT Customer Service phone number is 1-800-997-8888. Once you call them, they will be able to provide you with your current EBT account information and balance. However, you need to have your EBT Card number ready, as well as your PIN.

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